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Poster: Curator at the Security Digest Archives Date: Jul 25, 2003 11:35pm
Forum: general Subject: USENET archive

I'm a researcher that is looking back into USENET archives to analyse data about develepment of the early internet (specifically, computer security).

I have a couple of problems with this:
(a) there is only one substantial historical archive of USENET, that's at Google Groups;
(b) the Google Groups archive does not support researcher access, automated extraction, etc;

It would be fantastic if the Internet Archive could negotiate with Google to obtain a copy of the USENET archive until the mid 1990's (when it all disintegrated !), allowing researchers like myself to use the fabulous research facilities made available by the Internet Archive. Not only this, but at least it would also ensure a second copy of the USENET archive (which has to be considered a very important data collection in the history of the Internet).